I bought a PokeBlock mystery box :3

I have never really been into the subscription boxes. Mainly because most are based in the US and would cost double the price to get in the UK and also because I have little enough room for the rubbish I want in my collection let alone the rubbish I don't need! Also an issue with a lot giving away bootlegs :(.

But I saw this PokeBlock one which was a reasonable price shipped to the UK and it's well Pokemon, so why not have a go?

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Collection Update

Never really posted here, so thought I should post my current collection. The vast majority is old, as in very old, back from when Pokemon was fresh and merchandise was everywhere (we don't get all that much now in the UK).

Pokemon Collection


I keep my Pokemon plush on four shelves above my desk. Here is an overview from the best angle I could manage:

I have moved them around countless times, but decided with the current semi-organized order. Here are some pics of each shelf:

These are my favourites. At the back are all my Mew plush, followed by a couple of Vulpix and my Eevee/lutions. Then my two canvas plush, Totodile and Chikorita, and my Pokedoll Entei (I got this from a iffy seller a while back on Ebay, I thought it was a bootleg, but the quality seems to good and it has the correct tags, so I think I got lucky and got a cheap legitimate pokedoll, if I remember it was under £10. If you think it is a bootleg, please lmk!)

Next we have the 'everything else' shelf. This has everything that does not fit else-ware, mostly old plush, as I don't have many newer ones (well I had some bootlegs, but removed them all from the shelves now). The Raikou was also from an iffy seller, but I think it may be a legitimate plush (a banpresto ufo prize) as it has the right tag, please tell me if you think he is a bootleg :3.

Next we have Pikachu, just lots of lots of Pikachu. Again most are older ones.

Finally we have starters and their evos. Again mostly old plush.

Oh and my big Meowth and Pikachu hide behide my monitor.

Oh and these are my terrible custom plush I have made when bored. I am bad at sewing but it can be quite fun :3.


I don't collect figures as much, but I do have a few, again mostly very old ones.

Here is a mess of figures, from the £1 gacha toys, such as danglers, little figures, erasers and even the very first pokemon gacha the pokemon figures in domes to some old and new tomy figures.

Here is a closer (sorry for badly angled and the flash reflections) up of each part:

These are all my £1 gacha figures, at the back are some little figures, some sitting on pokeballs, some little landscapes. In front are some little bobble heads and some erasers. Along the bottom are all the danglers, and on top are the old pokemon in domes, with some more standing figures on top. Hanging down are two screenwipes and a old gameboy which has a slideshow of pokemon when looked into. On the side is a odd plastic ball.

These are a mix of old bulky figures which mostly came from odd game sets, such as spinners and weighted marble toys. At the front are some proper figures which are more recent additions (although still rather old xD). On top are some pokeballs that also came from £1 gacha machines, they held packs of stickers, but you got each of the main balls (including the masterball hiding at the back) so I thought they were worth putting up. There are also a few old keychains hanging down.

These are a mix of old tomy tigures and a variety of pikachus at the back. I have no idea where most of them came from and whether they are official or not. Along the top is some roller stamps and some odd figures, some seem real, although I don't remember where they are from, but the poorly painted ones, I found in a toy shop which are clearly unofficial or bootlegs. around the edge are also some old pokemon blocks (I forget the original name for them) and more keychains.

Although I don't really collect figures, I have taken a liking to the pokemon gachas / zukans. they are cheap if you can find them and are nice quality. So I have bought some of these when I have found them, but they seem to be getting more rare. I keep an eye out in game and poundland though as I have had luck there before.

Most of these are gacha / bootlegs. All the figures on stands are, except for the Moltres, Articuno, Groudon, Latias, Regice and Rayquaza which are part of a set sold in game, which are similar but technically not zukans. Then there are the two pokemon rumble figures, shaymin and zoroak, I randomly bought two despite not even owning a wii u, but at least I got two good ones ;O. On top are two death note figures which I didn't have space for elsewhere, three of the zukans and a talking japanese meowth figure. Along the bottom (as well as the talking meowth) are a variety of figures given a special place as they were all gifts from a friend. Oh and there are two mews and a metagross in the middle, because they are cool and I didn't want to shove them with the mess of other figures.

Last is this random shelf, I wasn't sure whether to use a shelf for these or not as they are bulky. But they have to be the best Burger King prizes of all time. Gold Plated Pokemon plates. I had a bunch, a couple are missing bits, and sadly I only seem to have Mewtwo and Togepi ones. On top are some old larger tomy figures and some talking figures too. On the right is a random cheap pikachu clock I got on some market, it broke very quickly xD.

Other Stuff

Here are some other random things I thought were worth adding.

My dvd collection. I have all the movies up to date, with the next one in currently ordered (It only just came out in the UK). Sadly the UK didn't have most of these for a very long time, therefore the Lucario movie is a American version, but luckily I still have a dvd player that can play it :3.

Pokemon tags. I really liked these when they came out, they were packs of metal dog tags of pokemon. I have a full folder, but just took a photo of my favourite page, the eeveelutions :3.

My Super Speacial Awesome Collection (From Twilightmoon86)

This is my Awesome collection, all from Twilightmoon86. Thank you so much <3 ^^.

The 6 cards at the front and the Squirtle figure were sent to me as a prize for Twilightmoon86's contest on DeviantArt ^^. The rest of the cards and such were just sent as a Christmas gift. Aren't they all awesome? ^^.

Thank you so much :D.

I now keep it all in my random spongebob tin, guarded my Suki's Brother ;O.

Yay ^^.

Card Collection

Since I posted my Plush collection, I thought I would post my cards as well. I have not collected them in a while, and therefore 90% are very old and some of them are newer. These are just the rares and shinys from my folder, I have millions of commons lying around the house xD.

Ohh im new :O

Hello ^^.

I am John or WhiteTiger.

I heard it is pretty cool here so I decided to join up.

I am currently finding my bearings xD.

I am currently mainly into pokemon and super smash brothers brawl, if you like them I am always happy to chat :).

Well that is all, I am off to explore the site :P.